The Rot of the Earth

Fast 2-session recap

After their (technically) successful attack on the mine and the Black Spiral breeding ground, the Spirals retaliated by attacking Marcy in her home and forcing her to burn the motherfucking bacon. The bacon was promptly avenged (and I guess Marcy was okay too), and the pack escorted their battered yet living friend to the caern.

After making sure the Theurge was okay, Tears-the-Wyrm told the pack that they needed to do some recruiting. The caern doesn’t have enough members to attack the spirals without leaving their caern undefended, and holding up in the caern is a recipe for defeat.

After a long discussion of what garou were around and what reasons they might have to help, the pack decided that the most effective tactic would be to go to neutral ground and hold a large moot to do all their recruiting at once.

To that end, the pack caught a moon bridge to Portland, where they met the almighty werewolf hipster ShaFluhFluh Finkelstein. After determining that the pack was “cool,” he let them into the caern and allowed them to make their case. The caern leader was largely unimpressed and made no commitment of forces from his own sept, but he did give permission to use the Portland caern as the site for a large gathering to talk to the other septs.



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