The Rot of the Earth

Long overdue finale

The End

(As no one had done a write up after the final session I feel like I should finally end the cliffhanger in the session notes.)

The Rat pack had success at recruiting several additional packs in Portland along with assistance from several of the Wendigo from the Sept of the Frozen Rock. They were alerted to fear among the human population as wild rumors of bears, rioters, or other monsters spread like wildfire along with eruptions of violence. The Black Spiral Dancers were making their move.

Forming a perimeter along the edges of the poisonous Butte pit the Spirals held an unholy rite, summoning the large banes they had worked to create while the Rat Pack rushed into battle in a vain attempt to disrupt the ritual. The banes plunged themselves into the acidic waters and fused to form a massive bane, larger than most buildings in town, with a nervous system made of flickering balefire and a gelatinous flowing toxic ooze as the body.

The great bane flowed down the hillside and washed over several buildings, dissolving away their architecture as it passed and pulled itself up into a vaguely humanoid stooped posture. The remaining Spiral Dancers raced along after it, howling in exaltation as they began to hunt down any Delirious human onlookers while the bane destroyed the town.

The Rat Pack and their allies raced after them, desperate to prevent the escape of the bane and the destruction of the American West. They grasped the icicle fetishes Wendigo gifted them and snapped them in half, World-Stepper and Storm-Breaker’s fangs and claws being coated by a layer of luminous ice, while Tyler’s formed a long spear. The pack summoned a ghostly manifestation of rat gafflings to aid in the fight which boiled over Storm-Breaker’s body and down his arms to gnaw at the bane as the ice on his claws solidified its body and made it susceptible to attack.

Their allies were forced to attack using spiritual means or gifts, or to keep the Spirals at bay as the Rat Pack worked on whittling down the bane. Silvered Son acted as a diversion, infuriating the bane as he Hammer danced his way out of its blows, giving his packmates the opportunity to attack.

Eventually they were victorious, though taken to the limits of their abilities. Many brave Garou were dead, as was Gaia’s Laughter who gave her life defending the Caern from Spiral attack. The pack was alive and the Sept of Braided Streams and the nearby town of Butte, Montana were safe.

It took the diligent work of many Garou and Kinfolk to try to cover up the attack and the reliance of the Delirium to help smooth things over. Luckily, the few news crews that had tried to report on the incident as it occurred had been attacked by Black Spiral Dancers. The massive destruction was blamed on a breach of the pit and release of its waters, and of a subsequent gas leak and explosion.

For their instrumental role in defending Butte and gaining the support of outside Garou, the Rat Pack was awarded the rank of Adren. Ford was able to raise his pups, and Tyler found that his Kinfolf girlfriend and soon to be wife was now pregnant with their first child.



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