The Rot of the Earth

Season 2 Session 3

The Rat Pack was able to successfully track a herd of mammoths to their home in the Umbra, but they were also successful in taking down not one, but two adult mammoths on their own. After they presented the carcasses to Wendigo they waited for judgement. Wendigo was pleased with their ferocity and after devouring one of the mammoths he rewarded the pack members each with a small fetish of a small icicle hung on a leather thong. It marks them as blessed by Wendigo and members of the Wendigo Tribe must accept the Rat Pack as allies. After the local Wendigo Cairn saw the judgement of Wendigo they agreed to perform the Rite of Purification on Tyler and his mother, curing them at long last of the powerful Wyrm taint that clung to them.

After recognizing the contributions of the Rat Pack, Tears the Wyrm and the other Sept elders convened to present the PC’s with their Garou names at long last. Tyler became “Silvered Son” and was gifted a small silver dagger by his mother, Silver Spear. Jared became “Storm Breaker” as he acts as the shelter from the raging storm of the world for his pack mates. Ford became “World Stepper” as he steps readily between the boundaries of the human and lupine worlds in a way that few Garou ever do.



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