The Rot of the Earth

Season 2, Session 1 Notes

After some time to deal with the fall-out of the epic battle against the Black Spiral Dancers and the bane, our heroes find themselves at the cairn. Gaia’s Laughter, the cairn theurge, informs Tyler that the healers are not able to make significant headway in remedying the taint that has infected his mother. She suggests that the healers at an older cairn with more power might be able to do more.

Tyler and his pack set out for the Wendigo cairn, which is older and stronger than their own. They are met at the border of the Wendigo lands by [Stick-Up-His-Ass]. The pack asks to see Drinks-the-River, a Wendigo warrior who answered their cairn’s call for help in the fight against the bane.

Drinks-the-River escorts the pack to the cairn elders. He and Tyler plead the pack’s case, with much of the argument conducted between Drinks-the-River and [Elder’s Name Here]. Eventually the elders decide not to help the pack until they have traveled to the Umbra and been judged by Wendigo himself.

The pack undergoes a ritual cleansing and purification before setting out on their quest.



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