The Rot of the Earth

Season 2 Session 4

Having achieved Fostern rank in the Cairn for gaining the Wendigo as allies, the Rat Pack was asked by the Sept Elders if they were interested in a special meeting for the more powerful packs within the Cairn. Once there they were met by Gaia’s Laughter and Tears the Wyrm who inform the gathered packs that the Sept of the Braided Stream has sat idle long enough while the Black Spiral Dancers became more and more bold. The time to stay on the defensive was over, now was the time to strike back at the Spirals.

The Rat Pack was surprised to see Laraine, the Corax shifter, at the fireside. She explained that even with Sanger’s death she still felt the need to stay behind and help undo whatever plans the corrupted Glass Walker had made. As such, she was able to discover what seemed to be a small Black Spiral Hive in and around an old abandoned mine shaft.

The gathered packs, if they volunteered, would undertake the mission to enter and destroy the Hive, striking a stinging blow against the Spirals at long last. All of the assembled packs agreed and they headed out the next day for research.

The Rat Pack went to City Hall and was able to find old maps of the mine though many areas had likely been flooded or collapsed since being abandoned a century ago. They were also able to find news articles about scientific teams being sent in to evaluate the mine for environmental clean up efforts though the effort was abandoned with the disappearances of several of the scientists within the mine.



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