The Rot of the Earth

Season 2 Session 5

The Garou packs went to the mine site with the uncovered information and scouted out the area. The Rat Pack teamed up with another pack led by the Cairn’s lone Black Fury, War Dancer, and her two Lupus pack mates, Moon Song, and Swift River.

After having to swim their way through a flooded and cramped tunnel they emerged into the Hive unnoticed. War Dancer’s packmates separated to scout other tunnels while their Alpha went with the Rat Pack. They later came upon a pack of Black Spirals crowded around a sobbing and hysterical human woman, doing unspeakable things to her. War Dancer became enraged and leaped upon them in Crinos. The Rat Pack followed and engaged the five Spirals in combat, nearly being overwhelmed when War Dancers pack mates came upon them and jumped into the fray.

After the Spirals lay dead, War Dancer had the woman taken outside and her packmates heal the wounded.



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