The Rot of the Earth

Season 2 Session Notes 2

After attending the birth of his pup’s Ford was able to catch up with the rest of his pack before they headed off into the Umbra to Face the Trial of Wendigo. Shortly after stepping sideways the pack was greeted by Rat, who granted them a boon for their journey ahead.

The pack then braved harsh cold as they found their way to Wendigo’s lair. Shortly after arriving the pack was confronted by the gruesome spirit of Wendigo. Wendigo was ready to kill the pack for their intrusion alone, let alone for the presence of the wyrm-tainted Tyler. Tyler and his pack were able to stand their ground to the spirit. Because of their bravery (or foolishness) Wendigo allowed the pack a chance to prove themselves by hunting down a mammoth.

With a little more of Rats aid the Pack was able to track down a herd of mammoths in the umbra. The pack skillfully stealthed towards the massive mammals and found a sickly specimen. The pack then prepared to close in for the kill…

Also Amanda is a horrible Bacon Thief.



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