The Rot of the Earth

Session 10 Notes

After watching Radcliffe Sanger peddle his sob story on the news, the pack decided that they needed information. Loraine took off to go run down what info she could, while the pack went into the Umbra to consult with rat spirits. There they met a rat jaggling who agreed to help find a location on Radcliffe. The spirit was made especially agreeable by a bag of Happy Rat Snacks™.

After their consult with the rat spirit, the pack went back to the caern to see if they could get any more information on the spiritual malware that’s been put on so many local computers. Ford talked to his mentor, who pointed them to a very young Glasswalker named Jacob Lyle. As a member of “Anonymous,” Jacob thought he could bring his skills to the pack’s problem. They enlisted young Jacob’s help and in return promised to put in a good word with the caern leaders if he did well.

Back at Marcy’s place, the Glasswalker was able to look at the computer code and Tyler was able to figure out that the program triggered some kind of ritual. A quick call to Marcy led her to leave work early to come check things out. She was able to determine that the program/ritual was a binding routine that would force minor electrical spirits to do what it wanted. With this program running on so many computers in Butte, it looks as if Sanger is trying to set up some kind of network of bound spirits.

Marcy headed back to the caern to consult with other Theurges. Tyler gave Jacob a ride back to the caern and learned on the ride that Jacob is a Ragabash and has problems shutting up.

Loraine came back and let the pack know that Radcliffe Sanger was using the bad press from the computer store fight to rally further support for his cause and was looking to revitalize some of Butte’s old industrial factories and businesses.

After a bit more planning and pondering, the pack agreed to go check in with the rat spirit who promised them information that night.



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