The Rot of the Earth

Session 11 Notes

Previously, on Rot of the Earth….

The pack checked in with their rat spirit contact, who had an address for a house. He didn’t go near because there was slight wyrm taint around it. He also told the pack that the house looked barely lived in. Instead, Sanger spends most of his time around the old mine shafts near the business he’s trying to rebuild, but the Wyrm taint was so strong that he wouldn’t go near it.

The pack decided to stake out Sanger’s “home.” Inside the house, the pack found an address book for Sanger’s contacts, a picture of a younger Sanger and several similar-adged individuals who looked possibly like an old pack, and the ghost of one of the people in the picture.

Tyler, keeping lookout, warned the pack when someone was approaching. The pack ran outside, met up with Tyler, and watched. The approaching vehicle was actually Sanger himself. After a tense moment of debate and temptation, the pack decided not to kill him immediately. Instead, they opted to continue digging into Sanger’s background and learn more about what he was up to.h1. Your title here…



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