The Rot of the Earth

Session 12 Notes

The pack got a call from Jacob saying that they needed to see the news. Radcliffe was talking about the factory he wanted to re-open. The pack reported to the cairn and also had the cairn send a runner to the Wendigo.

The cairn decided to start taking out the trucks that were delivering the factory’s rebuilding supplies. After a few nights of successfully sabatoging trucks and destroying the cargo (including ripping out an engine and setting it in the truck’s trailer), the pack ran into a truck with a dead, dismembered, cairn member in the back. The original driver had been murdered and replaced by something unsavory. Tyler snapped some pics of the dead wolf for a future pr campaign against Sanger.

On the way back to the cairn to report, the pack found a dead body (another cairn member) in the road with a note in its mouth. The last remaining member of the victimized pack was being held hostage at the factory site in town. Tyler called the cairn for backup. Tyler’s mom and Tears-the-Wyrm are on the way for backup, but our heroes took off to get there first.

The pack snuck into the factory, where they found the kidnapped Garou bound and suspended above the floor. Sanger sat on a barrel of hazardous materials, polishing his nails, while a couple of nameless thugs stood to either side. Sanger stood up, had a brief monologue about how the cairn is doomed, and revealed extensive Black Spiral Dancing scarring on his torso.

Boss music played, and Generalisimo Lunar cliffhangered the pack like a bunch of kids watching TV in the 50’s.



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