The Rot of the Earth

Session 2 notes

A large, clawed arm reached up and grabbed Jared’s lupus form by the throat, attempting to pull him into the hole. Jared managed to bite his attacker while Ford and Ambrose pulled him back away from his attacker.

The giant rock was lifted by 5 other beings down inside the hole, while two crinos form Garou jumped out and attacked the party. Ford tore one to shreds, then joined Ambrose and Tyler in destroying the remaining creature. Jared mostly jumped up and down on top of the big rock to prevent reinforcements from coming out.

After the battle, the four werewolves took one of the bodies back to the Wendigo cairn. A party of Wendigo followed them back to the scene of the battle and they all worked together to collapse the tunnel and send the giant rock crashing down into the earth. The Wendigo grudgingly thanked the pack for their help and absolved their cairn from the murder of their people.

The pack reported back to Tears-the-Wyrm, who suggested they head into town and look into any unusual activity that might go along with the presence of Black Spiral Dancers in the area. Ford spoke to a homeless man in an alley behind the bar, Tyler went to the police station to report a fake missing person’s case and persuaded the desk officer to tell him about a murder investigation in the industrial part of town and some missing persons cases.

Ambrose and Jared went to the library, where Ambrose worked his way through the databases, recent newspapers, and even tabloids looking for leads. Tyler met the two at the library, and they all piled into his car to pick up Ford. Together, the pack pooled their information:

There were 3 missing persons in town:
1. Liam Anderson. 12 years old. Disappeared from a baseball field in the south part of town near his school.
2. Florence Wallace. 80’s. Disappeared while grocery shopping.
3. Mercy Adams. In her 30’s. Disappeared from her home.

The city has noticed a decrease in the local homeless population. Ford learned from the bum in the alley that at least one homeless person has recently gone missing out east of town.

A tabloid has run several articles reporting sightings of giant rat creatures just east of town. Ambrose noted that tabloid was the first of the articles to appear, prior to the disappearances, and this has pushed it up to a high priority investigation.

Tyler suggests the pack look for the three reported missing persons. Ford wants to sniff around out on the east side of town where the rat things have been sighted and the homeless man disappeared.



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