The Rot of the Earth

Session 9 Notes

Ford got a call from Tyler’s uncle, Vic. He hauled tail into town to the computer store and showed up just in time to head into the computer store and help Tyler and Jared deal with the crazy old man. The guy seemed to know about the three of them, including that they were werewolves. He told them that it was his job to prevent people from throwing a monkey wrench into his boss’ plans. He then said it was time for him to remove the three of them.

Ford tried to stare the guy down, but the dude’s crazy eyes put a brain whammy on him and had him locked into place.

Jared got pissed, took on the war form, grabbed the dude by the head and slammed his head into the counter. Tyler and Ford also shifted to Crinos and Tyler stomped on the guy’s head.

Crazy Eyes tried to take a bite out of Tyler but missed. Tyler and Jared bit him, removing an arm in the process. Ford finished the fight with his claws wrapped around their weird enemy’s heart. With his dying breath, Crazy Eyes activated some kind of security system and a silver, electrified gate closed off the exit.

Loraine was able to cut the power and clip through the gate. Tyler ran in the back and grabbed one of the computers. Jared examined the body, decided there was something freaky about it, and took it with them. Tyler and Ford took the wolf form and ran off into the night, while Jared and Loraine peeled out in her van and waited a few hours for things to die down. Everyone met up later at the Cairn. Ford tried to describe their dead enemy to his mentor. When Loraine and Jared showed up, Jared dragged the body out of the van and tossed it on the ground for the elders to examine. After learning it was a Fomor, Jared took some trophies for his pack (its 4 canine teeth) and they all headed to Marci’s place to rest and research.

The next morning after breakfast Loraine started examining the computer. She learned that someone was compiling information on the local supernatural scene, especially on the werewolves. It was obvious that the computer’s owner was searching for the Cairn and had narrowed down their search area but hadn’t found it yet. While she was digging around, a gentleman appeared in a video. He introduced himself as Radcliffe Sanger, told them he was looking for revenge for the “minor inconvenience” that happened at the computer store, and named Loraine personally. It seemed obvious that he knew others were involved, but she was the only one he named. Loraine pointed out to our tech-derp n00bs that this was a really, really weird deal since the computer wasn’t hooked up to a network of any kind and the file couldn’t have been put there in advance. They decided to dispose of the computer (“Light it on fire and drop it down a hole somewhere!”) and notify the Cairn of what they’d learned.

Tyler got a call from Uncle Vic telling him to turn on the news. They turned it on in time to catch an evil bastard doing a major Woe-is-Me routine about his trashed store and dead employee to gain public sympathy. So far the investigation hasn’t lead to any named suspects.

Loraine and the pack have decided this guy needs to die quickly. If they can dig up some blackmail material to smear his reputation when he’s gone, that’d be a bonus. The pack also learned not to use the phrase “smear campaign” around a lupus.



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