Loraine White

Corax Informant


Str: 2 Cha: 3 Per: 3
Dex: 3 Man: 2 Int: 4
Stam: 3 App: 3 Wits: 3

Alertness (2), Athletics (1), Dodge (1), Expression (1), Flight (1)
Drive (2), Firearms (3), Repair (1), Stealth (3)
Computer (3), Enigma (1), Investigation (3), Linguistics (1), Medicine (1), Occult (2), Rituals (2)

Umbral Maps (3), Resources (1), Rites: Dedication (1)

Voice of the Mimic lvl 1, Enemy Ways lvl 1, Morse lvl 1.

Rage: 2
Gnosis: 6
Willpower: 6


Loraine is a tall and lithe woman with long black hair, leather boots and jacket, red lipstick, a tight miniskirt, and a southern accent. She drives around and lives in a well kept and tidy van following and harrying the worm wherever it may be. She has a particular interest in Radcliffe Sanger, a man who moves from place to place promising to aid communities all while furthering the interest of the Wyrm and leaving the places he visits corrupted and foul. Every time Loraine has come close to uncovering and foiling the plans of Radcliffe he always achieves his end and moves on but now she’s tracked him to Butte and has enlisted the aid of the PC’s to stop his latest plot until it’s too late.

She is anything but stupid despite her dolled up appearance and is completely dedicated to obtaining information to use against the Wyrm. Sassy and independent, Loraine is also warm and likeable and tends to make a strong impression on anyone she meets.

Loraine White

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