The Rot of the Earth

Session 9 Notes

Ford got a call from Tyler’s uncle, Vic. He hauled tail into town to the computer store and showed up just in time to head into the computer store and help Tyler and Jared deal with the crazy old man. The guy seemed to know about the three of them, including that they were werewolves. He told them that it was his job to prevent people from throwing a monkey wrench into his boss’ plans. He then said it was time for him to remove the three of them.

Ford tried to stare the guy down, but the dude’s crazy eyes put a brain whammy on him and had him locked into place.

Jared got pissed, took on the war form, grabbed the dude by the head and slammed his head into the counter. Tyler and Ford also shifted to Crinos and Tyler stomped on the guy’s head.

Crazy Eyes tried to take a bite out of Tyler but missed. Tyler and Jared bit him, removing an arm in the process. Ford finished the fight with his claws wrapped around their weird enemy’s heart. With his dying breath, Crazy Eyes activated some kind of security system and a silver, electrified gate closed off the exit.

Loraine was able to cut the power and clip through the gate. Tyler ran in the back and grabbed one of the computers. Jared examined the body, decided there was something freaky about it, and took it with them. Tyler and Ford took the wolf form and ran off into the night, while Jared and Loraine peeled out in her van and waited a few hours for things to die down. Everyone met up later at the Cairn. Ford tried to describe their dead enemy to his mentor. When Loraine and Jared showed up, Jared dragged the body out of the van and tossed it on the ground for the elders to examine. After learning it was a Fomor, Jared took some trophies for his pack (its 4 canine teeth) and they all headed to Marci’s place to rest and research.

The next morning after breakfast Loraine started examining the computer. She learned that someone was compiling information on the local supernatural scene, especially on the werewolves. It was obvious that the computer’s owner was searching for the Cairn and had narrowed down their search area but hadn’t found it yet. While she was digging around, a gentleman appeared in a video. He introduced himself as Radcliffe Sanger, told them he was looking for revenge for the “minor inconvenience” that happened at the computer store, and named Loraine personally. It seemed obvious that he knew others were involved, but she was the only one he named. Loraine pointed out to our tech-derp n00bs that this was a really, really weird deal since the computer wasn’t hooked up to a network of any kind and the file couldn’t have been put there in advance. They decided to dispose of the computer (“Light it on fire and drop it down a hole somewhere!”) and notify the Cairn of what they’d learned.

Tyler got a call from Uncle Vic telling him to turn on the news. They turned it on in time to catch an evil bastard doing a major Woe-is-Me routine about his trashed store and dead employee to gain public sympathy. So far the investigation hasn’t lead to any named suspects.

Loraine and the pack have decided this guy needs to die quickly. If they can dig up some blackmail material to smear his reputation when he’s gone, that’d be a bonus. The pack also learned not to use the phrase “smear campaign” around a lupus.

Session 8 Notes (played on March 3rd)

A couple weeks have passed since our heroes convinced Rat to be their pack totem. They’ve spent the time chilling out.

One night while Ford is away, a stranger comes into Trader Vic’s bar and sidles up Tyler and Jared. Her name is Loraine and she’s a Corax (wereraven). She’s in town investigating a dude who moves from town to town working with new tech/industrial business interests. Wherever he goes, Wyrm taint follows. Her last known name for him was Radcliffe.

Tyler and Jared investigate the new computer store in town. During their initial investigation, Jared gets caught shape changing on a webcam in the back room of the store while looking for Wyrm-stank. After meeting up with Loraine again, all three of them break into the computer store later that night. She finds that the repair shop is putting strange code on all the machines it works on — code with Wyrm and Weaver stuff built alongside the computer programming languages. She copies the info to a jump drive and they leave.

The next night, after Loraine realizes how bad the code was, they head back to the store. When they get there, a creepy old dude with pointed teeth and glowing eyes is waiting behind the counter for them…

Session 7 Notes

The pack talked to a spirit rat, who said the problems were coming from toward the center of the city. They traveled through the Umbra, encountered a giant weaver web that took up two blocks. There were a few small rat spirits trapped in the web. The pack ripped one of the rat spirits out and ran a couple of blocks away. While they worked on reviving the sleeping rat spirit, two Hunter Spiders approached.

After much wailing, slashing, and healing Ford, the pack defeated both spiders. The grateful minor rat spirit they saved scampered back to Rat’s lair to tell his master what had happened. When the pack returned to Rat, the totem gladly adopted the pack as his children and gave them his blessings.

Session 6 Notes
Session 6 Notes

The Caern had a party to celebrate our becoming a pack. During the party the wolves pursued their own interests. Ford spoke with his mentor, Shadow-Walker Texas Ranger, and then found mate out in the forest. Jared enjoyed the alcohol and listened to the stories of elders. Tyler not liking the crowd snuck off to go play spin the bottle, and even got to 3rd base with Laura.

After the festivities died down the new pack-mates gathered to discuss who to have as their Totem. After some discussion the wolves agreed on Rat. Knowing that Bone Gnawers had a connection to Rat the pack sought guidance from one. After a quick discussion the pack gained some clues on where to find Rat.

The pack then went to Trader Vic’s and stepped sideways into The Umbra. The pack went into the sewer and found a rat spirit who guided them to a deeper level of The Umbra. We found our way through a network of tunnels and found Rat. The pack told him of our exploits, and showed interest. In order to prove themselves the pack was given a task, to find and bring back the head of who was responsible for the disappearance of his children.

Session 5 Notes
Session 5 Notes

Ford, Jared, and Tyler tracked the Spiral Dancer who kidnapped the homeless man. While travailing through the umbra the pack encountered weaver spirits and crossed a tainted river. The river, named emo creek, drained those who entered it of their desire to move. After crossing the creek the pack reached an arrangement of stacked stone cairns which appeared to be arranged along a lay-line. The pack passed the cairns and approached a large crater with a large bale-fire at its heart.

The pack tried to sneak up as close as it could. Unfortunately Jared was spotted by a bizarre, diseased bird. The bird appeared to be a human fused with a vulture, and after spotting Jared it warned its masters of the wolf’s presence. The masters finished the ritual, summing a bane and killing the missing people. The bane saw both Ford and Jared. The beast charged them like a lumbering ape. Tyler, still hidden, tried to distract the bane with Faerie Lights with mixed success. Ford was able to run away, but Jared still pained by his wounds was soon reached. Tyler, who has snuck back to the crater’s rim, revealed himself with a Song of Mockery.

The Song enraged the beast and it soon chased Tyler down. Tyler was barely able to escape the Bane’s attack, thanks in part to Jared brave attack against the beast. When the wolves reached the cairns reached a mystical force prevented the bane from perusing them. Having escaped the bane the wolves returned to the physical world and reported to their home Cairn. Due to their success and teamwork Jared, Ford and Tyler were allowed to officially become a pack. Now the newly formed pack readies itself for the challenge ahead.

Session 4 Notes

Finished investigating Mercy Adams’ trailer. The police officer was incredibly unhelpful.

Went out East of town to investigate the missing homeless person. Found out the man’s name was Benson. Went to his shack and was able to trail him to a manhole cover. Opened it up, climbed down into the sewer and discovered his dead body. Underneath his body was his old Army knife that had the blood of a Black Spiral Dancer on it.

Left the sewers, returned to the cairn and spoke with the elders. They helped us find a pattern in the disappearances and pointed out the fact that since the Black Spirals killed their last victim from the East side, they would probably try to kidnap someone else.

Decided to set up an ambush, with Jared posing as a WereHobo while Tyler and Ford hid and watched. Another hobo came up and talked to Jared. While they were talking, a Black Spiral Dancer lept out of a nearby puddle and tried to carry Jared away. Ford and Tyler clawed at the Dancer from behind while Jared and the foul creature took turns trying to maim one another. The entire fight stopped for five minutes as a strange tortoiseshell cat walked through the middle of the carnage.

After watching the cat pass, the four werewolves shrugged and returned to trying to kill one another. The Dancer died, but the during the fight they lost track of the other hobo. They heard a splash coming from the puddle the Black Spiral Dancer used as an entry point. The three stepped sideways to try to find the vanished hobo.

Session 3 Notes

The party investigated the three missing persons.

We started by investigating the disappearance of Liam Anderson. Found out he never made it home from a softball game. Followed his trail, but lost it headed out of town toward the southeast, away from his house.

After we lost the trail, we went to talk to a kid from his softball team named Trevor. Trevor’s dad answered but gave us no information. Ford noticed that the man smelled funny (like old forest and wolves). Tyler crept around the back of the house, peeked in the window and discovered a coat of arms with a stag helmeted wolf’s head breathing fire. Called Tyler’s mom to get her looking into info about the coat of arms or any new kinfolk in the area.

Went to the home of Florence Wallace. Found an odd smell in the back yard. Learned from neighbors and her email that she had concerns about wild animals coming after her/ getting near her home. People tried to explain them away as raccoons or possibly a bear, but she didn’t believe it. She didn’t own a car and used a bicycle instead. The bicycle was missing, so we presume she was abducted away from her home.

Went out to Mercy Adams’ home. She lived in a trailer that was peeled open like a can. There was a police officer out at Mercy’s place. Ford snuck into the crime scene to investigate and met up with the party again. He found that the inside of the trailer was torn apart as well.

When the session ended, Tyler was about to go talk to the police officer checking out the crime scene.

During the investigation, the party picked up a map and some crayons (blame Ford. He thinks they’re serious writing tools) and have been keeping track of the homes of the missing persons and the site of their disappearances if known.

Liam’s family lived on the South side of town and his trail veered Southeast away from his home. Florence lived west edge of town. Haven’t established a firm kidnapping site. Mercy lived on the north side of town and was abducted from her home.

Session 2 notes

A large, clawed arm reached up and grabbed Jared’s lupus form by the throat, attempting to pull him into the hole. Jared managed to bite his attacker while Ford and Ambrose pulled him back away from his attacker.

The giant rock was lifted by 5 other beings down inside the hole, while two crinos form Garou jumped out and attacked the party. Ford tore one to shreds, then joined Ambrose and Tyler in destroying the remaining creature. Jared mostly jumped up and down on top of the big rock to prevent reinforcements from coming out.

After the battle, the four werewolves took one of the bodies back to the Wendigo cairn. A party of Wendigo followed them back to the scene of the battle and they all worked together to collapse the tunnel and send the giant rock crashing down into the earth. The Wendigo grudgingly thanked the pack for their help and absolved their cairn from the murder of their people.

The pack reported back to Tears-the-Wyrm, who suggested they head into town and look into any unusual activity that might go along with the presence of Black Spiral Dancers in the area. Ford spoke to a homeless man in an alley behind the bar, Tyler went to the police station to report a fake missing person’s case and persuaded the desk officer to tell him about a murder investigation in the industrial part of town and some missing persons cases.

Ambrose and Jared went to the library, where Ambrose worked his way through the databases, recent newspapers, and even tabloids looking for leads. Tyler met the two at the library, and they all piled into his car to pick up Ford. Together, the pack pooled their information:

There were 3 missing persons in town:
1. Liam Anderson. 12 years old. Disappeared from a baseball field in the south part of town near his school.
2. Florence Wallace. 80’s. Disappeared while grocery shopping.
3. Mercy Adams. In her 30’s. Disappeared from her home.

The city has noticed a decrease in the local homeless population. Ford learned from the bum in the alley that at least one homeless person has recently gone missing out east of town.

A tabloid has run several articles reporting sightings of giant rat creatures just east of town. Ambrose noted that tabloid was the first of the articles to appear, prior to the disappearances, and this has pushed it up to a high priority investigation.

Tyler suggests the pack look for the three reported missing persons. Ford wants to sniff around out on the east side of town where the rat things have been sighted and the homeless man disappeared.

Session 1 Notes
session notes


At a cairn celebration, the Sept leader (Tears the Wyrm) tells the Sept of a disturbance in the Umbra. An angry war party of the Wendigo tribe from a nearby reservation accuses our Sept of murdering a Wendigo pack.

Tyler, Ford and Jared were chosen to investigate. At the scene, they found two dead lupus and two dead homids, and a Wendigo observer. One was crushed by a large rock, another had their head torn from their body. We sensed a small level of corruption, which we tracked to a nearby Glacial Erratic. The trail was made by creatures that were 8 – 9 ft tall and incredibly strong.

Jared dug into some loose dirt around the giant rock and found a hole underneath. He heard the sound of several creatures scratching around under there and coming closer to him quickly.


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