The Rot of the Earth

Fast 2-session recap

After their (technically) successful attack on the mine and the Black Spiral breeding ground, the Spirals retaliated by attacking Marcy in her home and forcing her to burn the motherfucking bacon. The bacon was promptly avenged (and I guess Marcy was okay too), and the pack escorted their battered yet living friend to the caern.

After making sure the Theurge was okay, Tears-the-Wyrm told the pack that they needed to do some recruiting. The caern doesn’t have enough members to attack the spirals without leaving their caern undefended, and holding up in the caern is a recipe for defeat.

After a long discussion of what garou were around and what reasons they might have to help, the pack decided that the most effective tactic would be to go to neutral ground and hold a large moot to do all their recruiting at once.

To that end, the pack caught a moon bridge to Portland, where they met the almighty werewolf hipster ShaFluhFluh Finkelstein. After determining that the pack was “cool,” he let them into the caern and allowed them to make their case. The caern leader was largely unimpressed and made no commitment of forces from his own sept, but he did give permission to use the Portland caern as the site for a large gathering to talk to the other septs.

Season 2 Session 5

The Garou packs went to the mine site with the uncovered information and scouted out the area. The Rat Pack teamed up with another pack led by the Cairn’s lone Black Fury, War Dancer, and her two Lupus pack mates, Moon Song, and Swift River.

After having to swim their way through a flooded and cramped tunnel they emerged into the Hive unnoticed. War Dancer’s packmates separated to scout other tunnels while their Alpha went with the Rat Pack. They later came upon a pack of Black Spirals crowded around a sobbing and hysterical human woman, doing unspeakable things to her. War Dancer became enraged and leaped upon them in Crinos. The Rat Pack followed and engaged the five Spirals in combat, nearly being overwhelmed when War Dancers pack mates came upon them and jumped into the fray.

After the Spirals lay dead, War Dancer had the woman taken outside and her packmates heal the wounded.

Season 2 Session 4

Having achieved Fostern rank in the Cairn for gaining the Wendigo as allies, the Rat Pack was asked by the Sept Elders if they were interested in a special meeting for the more powerful packs within the Cairn. Once there they were met by Gaia’s Laughter and Tears the Wyrm who inform the gathered packs that the Sept of the Braided Stream has sat idle long enough while the Black Spiral Dancers became more and more bold. The time to stay on the defensive was over, now was the time to strike back at the Spirals.

The Rat Pack was surprised to see Laraine, the Corax shifter, at the fireside. She explained that even with Sanger’s death she still felt the need to stay behind and help undo whatever plans the corrupted Glass Walker had made. As such, she was able to discover what seemed to be a small Black Spiral Hive in and around an old abandoned mine shaft.

The gathered packs, if they volunteered, would undertake the mission to enter and destroy the Hive, striking a stinging blow against the Spirals at long last. All of the assembled packs agreed and they headed out the next day for research.

The Rat Pack went to City Hall and was able to find old maps of the mine though many areas had likely been flooded or collapsed since being abandoned a century ago. They were also able to find news articles about scientific teams being sent in to evaluate the mine for environmental clean up efforts though the effort was abandoned with the disappearances of several of the scientists within the mine.

Season 2 Session 3
The Rat Pack was able to successfully track a herd of mammoths to their home in the Umbra, but they were also successful in taking down not one, but two adult mammoths on their own. After they presented the carcasses to Wendigo they waited for judgement. Wendigo was pleased with their ferocity and after devouring one of the mammoths he rewarded the pack members each with a small fetish of a small icicle hung on a leather thong. It marks them as blessed by Wendigo and members of the Wendigo Tribe must accept the Rat Pack as allies. After the local Wendigo Cairn saw the judgement of Wendigo they agreed to perform the Rite of Purification on Tyler and his mother, curing them at long last of the powerful Wyrm taint that clung to them.

After recognizing the contributions of the Rat Pack, Tears the Wyrm and the other Sept elders convened to present the PC’s with their Garou names at long last. Tyler became “Silvered Son” and was gifted a small silver dagger by his mother, Silver Spear. Jared became “Storm Breaker” as he acts as the shelter from the raging storm of the world for his pack mates. Ford became “World Stepper” as he steps readily between the boundaries of the human and lupine worlds in a way that few Garou ever do.

Season 2 Session Notes 2

After attending the birth of his pup’s Ford was able to catch up with the rest of his pack before they headed off into the Umbra to Face the Trial of Wendigo. Shortly after stepping sideways the pack was greeted by Rat, who granted them a boon for their journey ahead.

The pack then braved harsh cold as they found their way to Wendigo’s lair. Shortly after arriving the pack was confronted by the gruesome spirit of Wendigo. Wendigo was ready to kill the pack for their intrusion alone, let alone for the presence of the wyrm-tainted Tyler. Tyler and his pack were able to stand their ground to the spirit. Because of their bravery (or foolishness) Wendigo allowed the pack a chance to prove themselves by hunting down a mammoth.

With a little more of Rats aid the Pack was able to track down a herd of mammoths in the umbra. The pack skillfully stealthed towards the massive mammals and found a sickly specimen. The pack then prepared to close in for the kill…

Also Amanda is a horrible Bacon Thief.

Season 2, Session 1 Notes

After some time to deal with the fall-out of the epic battle against the Black Spiral Dancers and the bane, our heroes find themselves at the cairn. Gaia’s Laughter, the cairn theurge, informs Tyler that the healers are not able to make significant headway in remedying the taint that has infected his mother. She suggests that the healers at an older cairn with more power might be able to do more.

Tyler and his pack set out for the Wendigo cairn, which is older and stronger than their own. They are met at the border of the Wendigo lands by [Stick-Up-His-Ass]. The pack asks to see Drinks-the-River, a Wendigo warrior who answered their cairn’s call for help in the fight against the bane.

Drinks-the-River escorts the pack to the cairn elders. He and Tyler plead the pack’s case, with much of the argument conducted between Drinks-the-River and [Elder’s Name Here]. Eventually the elders decide not to help the pack until they have traveled to the Umbra and been judged by Wendigo himself.

The pack undergoes a ritual cleansing and purification before setting out on their quest.

Session 12 Notes

The pack got a call from Jacob saying that they needed to see the news. Radcliffe was talking about the factory he wanted to re-open. The pack reported to the cairn and also had the cairn send a runner to the Wendigo.

The cairn decided to start taking out the trucks that were delivering the factory’s rebuilding supplies. After a few nights of successfully sabatoging trucks and destroying the cargo (including ripping out an engine and setting it in the truck’s trailer), the pack ran into a truck with a dead, dismembered, cairn member in the back. The original driver had been murdered and replaced by something unsavory. Tyler snapped some pics of the dead wolf for a future pr campaign against Sanger.

On the way back to the cairn to report, the pack found a dead body (another cairn member) in the road with a note in its mouth. The last remaining member of the victimized pack was being held hostage at the factory site in town. Tyler called the cairn for backup. Tyler’s mom and Tears-the-Wyrm are on the way for backup, but our heroes took off to get there first.

The pack snuck into the factory, where they found the kidnapped Garou bound and suspended above the floor. Sanger sat on a barrel of hazardous materials, polishing his nails, while a couple of nameless thugs stood to either side. Sanger stood up, had a brief monologue about how the cairn is doomed, and revealed extensive Black Spiral Dancing scarring on his torso.

Boss music played, and Generalisimo Lunar cliffhangered the pack like a bunch of kids watching TV in the 50’s.

Session 11 Notes

Previously, on Rot of the Earth….

The pack checked in with their rat spirit contact, who had an address for a house. He didn’t go near because there was slight wyrm taint around it. He also told the pack that the house looked barely lived in. Instead, Sanger spends most of his time around the old mine shafts near the business he’s trying to rebuild, but the Wyrm taint was so strong that he wouldn’t go near it.

The pack decided to stake out Sanger’s “home.” Inside the house, the pack found an address book for Sanger’s contacts, a picture of a younger Sanger and several similar-adged individuals who looked possibly like an old pack, and the ghost of one of the people in the picture.

Tyler, keeping lookout, warned the pack when someone was approaching. The pack ran outside, met up with Tyler, and watched. The approaching vehicle was actually Sanger himself. After a tense moment of debate and temptation, the pack decided not to kill him immediately. Instead, they opted to continue digging into Sanger’s background and learn more about what he was up to.h1. Your title here…

Session 10 Notes

After watching Radcliffe Sanger peddle his sob story on the news, the pack decided that they needed information. Loraine took off to go run down what info she could, while the pack went into the Umbra to consult with rat spirits. There they met a rat jaggling who agreed to help find a location on Radcliffe. The spirit was made especially agreeable by a bag of Happy Rat Snacks™.

After their consult with the rat spirit, the pack went back to the caern to see if they could get any more information on the spiritual malware that’s been put on so many local computers. Ford talked to his mentor, who pointed them to a very young Glasswalker named Jacob Lyle. As a member of “Anonymous,” Jacob thought he could bring his skills to the pack’s problem. They enlisted young Jacob’s help and in return promised to put in a good word with the caern leaders if he did well.

Back at Marcy’s place, the Glasswalker was able to look at the computer code and Tyler was able to figure out that the program triggered some kind of ritual. A quick call to Marcy led her to leave work early to come check things out. She was able to determine that the program/ritual was a binding routine that would force minor electrical spirits to do what it wanted. With this program running on so many computers in Butte, it looks as if Sanger is trying to set up some kind of network of bound spirits.

Marcy headed back to the caern to consult with other Theurges. Tyler gave Jacob a ride back to the caern and learned on the ride that Jacob is a Ragabash and has problems shutting up.

Loraine came back and let the pack know that Radcliffe Sanger was using the bad press from the computer store fight to rally further support for his cause and was looking to revitalize some of Butte’s old industrial factories and businesses.

After a bit more planning and pondering, the pack agreed to go check in with the rat spirit who promised them information that night.

Session 9 Notes

Ford got a call from Tyler’s uncle, Vic. He hauled tail into town to the computer store and showed up just in time to head into the computer store and help Tyler and Jared deal with the crazy old man. The guy seemed to know about the three of them, including that they were werewolves. He told them that it was his job to prevent people from throwing a monkey wrench into his boss’ plans. He then said it was time for him to remove the three of them.

Ford tried to stare the guy down, but the dude’s crazy eyes put a brain whammy on him and had him locked into place.

Jared got pissed, took on the war form, grabbed the dude by the head and slammed his head into the counter. Tyler and Ford also shifted to Crinos and Tyler stomped on the guy’s head.

Crazy Eyes tried to take a bite out of Tyler but missed. Tyler and Jared bit him, removing an arm in the process. Ford finished the fight with his claws wrapped around their weird enemy’s heart. With his dying breath, Crazy Eyes activated some kind of security system and a silver, electrified gate closed off the exit.

Loraine was able to cut the power and clip through the gate. Tyler ran in the back and grabbed one of the computers. Jared examined the body, decided there was something freaky about it, and took it with them. Tyler and Ford took the wolf form and ran off into the night, while Jared and Loraine peeled out in her van and waited a few hours for things to die down. Everyone met up later at the Cairn. Ford tried to describe their dead enemy to his mentor. When Loraine and Jared showed up, Jared dragged the body out of the van and tossed it on the ground for the elders to examine. After learning it was a Fomor, Jared took some trophies for his pack (its 4 canine teeth) and they all headed to Marci’s place to rest and research.

The next morning after breakfast Loraine started examining the computer. She learned that someone was compiling information on the local supernatural scene, especially on the werewolves. It was obvious that the computer’s owner was searching for the Cairn and had narrowed down their search area but hadn’t found it yet. While she was digging around, a gentleman appeared in a video. He introduced himself as Radcliffe Sanger, told them he was looking for revenge for the “minor inconvenience” that happened at the computer store, and named Loraine personally. It seemed obvious that he knew others were involved, but she was the only one he named. Loraine pointed out to our tech-derp n00bs that this was a really, really weird deal since the computer wasn’t hooked up to a network of any kind and the file couldn’t have been put there in advance. They decided to dispose of the computer (“Light it on fire and drop it down a hole somewhere!”) and notify the Cairn of what they’d learned.

Tyler got a call from Uncle Vic telling him to turn on the news. They turned it on in time to catch an evil bastard doing a major Woe-is-Me routine about his trashed store and dead employee to gain public sympathy. So far the investigation hasn’t lead to any named suspects.

Loraine and the pack have decided this guy needs to die quickly. If they can dig up some blackmail material to smear his reputation when he’s gone, that’d be a bonus. The pack also learned not to use the phrase “smear campaign” around a lupus.


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