The Rot of the Earth

Session 5 Notes

Session 5 Notes

Ford, Jared, and Tyler tracked the Spiral Dancer who kidnapped the homeless man. While travailing through the umbra the pack encountered weaver spirits and crossed a tainted river. The river, named emo creek, drained those who entered it of their desire to move. After crossing the creek the pack reached an arrangement of stacked stone cairns which appeared to be arranged along a lay-line. The pack passed the cairns and approached a large crater with a large bale-fire at its heart.

The pack tried to sneak up as close as it could. Unfortunately Jared was spotted by a bizarre, diseased bird. The bird appeared to be a human fused with a vulture, and after spotting Jared it warned its masters of the wolf’s presence. The masters finished the ritual, summing a bane and killing the missing people. The bane saw both Ford and Jared. The beast charged them like a lumbering ape. Tyler, still hidden, tried to distract the bane with Faerie Lights with mixed success. Ford was able to run away, but Jared still pained by his wounds was soon reached. Tyler, who has snuck back to the crater’s rim, revealed himself with a Song of Mockery.

The Song enraged the beast and it soon chased Tyler down. Tyler was barely able to escape the Bane’s attack, thanks in part to Jared brave attack against the beast. When the wolves reached the cairns reached a mystical force prevented the bane from perusing them. Having escaped the bane the wolves returned to the physical world and reported to their home Cairn. Due to their success and teamwork Jared, Ford and Tyler were allowed to officially become a pack. Now the newly formed pack readies itself for the challenge ahead.



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